Red Friday as 16 dead in Accra-Kumasi road accident this dawn

Early this morning around 1am-2 am it was confirmed that two buses were involved in a fatal accident.

See Photo

From the informations on Peace FM morning news, one of the two buses was coming to Accra and the other bus was going to Kumasi, and what led to the accident was that the one coming to Accra try to overtake some buses on the road and unfortunately crushes with the one going to Kumasi.

“The accident happened at Akyem Asafo and it is very sad as you see how the two cars have crushed and how human beings life had been shattered, blood all over the place, part of human legs, human organs all over the place, it is very sad”, the reporter said.

Below are the bus plate numbers

Bus from Kumasi to Accra is GT5629_18 VIP bus and

Bus from Accra to Kumasi is GT5510_ 15 OA

Please if your love one travelled to Accra or Kumasi you can go to that hospital to confirm or call Peace FM lines to locate you to the place.

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